Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snip Snip!

My kids got their first hair cuts today! Grant looks soooooo much better. Although he didn't have much hair, the hair he had was getting super scraggly (and not in a cute surfer/skater/Bieber way). I trimmed Madison's baby mullet when she was 13 months, but it hasn't been cut since, so she has some dead ends to trim off- not much just a couple inches. Now my beautiful babies are all fresh and clean for the holiday weekend! Can I just say how fun Cool Cuts 4 Kids is?! It was so easy to take both kids in there because they had a nice play area that I could leave one in (and still be able to see) while I photographed the other getting trimmed up. Totally going back again for their next cuts!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

When did this happen?

My sweet little baby girl is big enough to get a bike for Christmas! Time buy some band aids and ice packs along with the helmet and pads.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I admit it!!! I'm a horrible blogger- it's just so time consuming.... and I have other ways to spend my precious nap-times. So..... here is a GIANT blog full of everything that has happened in the last few months :) Maybe once I'm all caught up I'll actually stay on top of blogging (probably not- don't get too excited Alyssa).Madison and I LOVE having a pool in our own backyard to cool off whenever we want! It is the most relaxing and refreshing thing ever (especially when you're prego in the middle of summer).But Daddy is the most fun in the pool (and Mommy remember to take pictures).....We had 4th of July at our house this year (yay :))- it's so much easier to host events at your own place than it is to pack up everything a toddler might need for the day and drag them some place else. It was nice to watch everyone enjoying themselves at our house. There was tons of food, plenty of drinking, a few competitive games and the traditional homemade ice cream and fireworks. Overall, it was a fabulous day and I'm looking forward to it again next year!Oh yeah.... did I mention that Madison, Joe and I were all in TWO wedding this summer- actually the weddings were a week apart. I completely under-estimated how much time and energy that would take! I also must admit that I was a very bad Mommy and I didn't take ANY pictures at either wedding :( I'm very disappointed in myself on this one.... Madison was the most adorable thing in her flowergirl dresses and of course Joe looked handsome in his tuxes.... I on the other hand looked like a giant beached whale since i was 7 months pregnant squished into non-maternity bridesmaid dresses (not a pretty sight). But none-the-less, I should have taken lots of pictures and I didn't take one! Luckily everyone else took tons, so I'm planning on stealing as many as I possibly can!
We've done a lot of hanging out! My belly is growing rapidly and that means my energy level and endurance are dropping rapidly, especially when it comes to chasing around an active toddler. We keep ourselves busy without doing too much (yes.... that is challenging at times).Madison helped me bake for the first time- so I had to show her the true joy of baking.... licking the spatula! I think she liked it :)

Like I said in the beginning of this ridiculously long post..... I cherish my nap time! I spend my 2 quiet hours every day working on my projects! It all started when I made aprons for Ashley's bridal shower.... I've been hooked ever since! I've make toddler-sized hooded towels for myself and a friend, I've made hair bows for Madison on my own and with a friend, I've made curtains for Madison's room, and I have the supplies and plans to make her giant letters and sheets for Baby B's bassinet. I am in love with this stuff..... but Since I entered my 3rd trimester I've also used some of these nap times to nap myself :) I took pictures of all my projects, but there is no way I'm adding them all to this already huge post- so you'll have to wait for a later one! (someday I promise)..... <3

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's a boy!!!

So I gave in and we decided to find out what the sex of the baby is....... BUT if/when we have any more kids we are definitely NOT finding out. I figured since now I will have everything needed for either a girl or a boy, then there will be no need to find out! Anyway..... I was 99% sure it was a boy before the ultrasound. This pregnancy has been soooooo different from my first one. A few of the differences are:
  • I'm craving beef and sugar- not enough bacon cheeseburgers or chocolate sundaes in the world to satisfy these cravings!
  • My belly is much more pointy and lower this time than I was with Madison.
  • Ridiculous lower back pain (I don't remember having any with Madison)
  • I was only sick the first 8 weeks, where I was sick 12 with Madison
  • My "stretching ligament pains" as the doctor calls them, are sharp stabbing pains, where with Madison it was more of a cramping feeling.
So...... I was pretty sure this baby was going to have penis and not a vagina! I'm happy to say I was right (never doubt a Mommy). Here are the ultrasound pictures :)

Little dude is sucking his thumb already!

There's a wiener!!! So this view is looking up at his crotch with his legs spread and his wee-wee sticking out. No modesty yet... Funny thing is I have the same angle of Madison when she was in my tummy! My kids definitely wanted us to know what they were!

Daddy's Little Helper

How freakin' cute is this!? I thought I would have to wait until we had a son to see him helping Daddy mow the lawn, but nope! Madison is such a Daddy's girl that she would do anything as long as it means spending valuable time with Daddy! So sweet <3

This is her "cheese" smile. Any time she sees a camera she stops whatever she's doing to say cheese. It's very funny, but kinda ruins the moment when you want to catch an action shot! Madison is definitely not camera shy though. She loves to have her picture taken and then run over and look at it right away. The cutest part of the "cheese" smile is that she stands on her tippy toes while she is doing it. I still haven't figured out why, but she has to be on her toes to say cheese!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This was the first Easter where Madison could really participate in an Easter egg hunt- and boy did she love it!

Everyone had a great time watching her do it too- since she is the only little kid in the family right now. She spent days going through her basket after the big day was over. Yes... I'm a crazy mom that didn't giver her candy. She had cheeze-its, teddy grahms, goldfish, lucky charms..... all semi-healthy toddler appropriate foods. Next year I promise to let her have candy :)

Pretend City

Alyssa found the coolest place in the entire world for kids to play (and possibly adults who still wish they were kids). It's called Pretend City- so amazing!

Everything is hands-on. It looks like a little city, complete with a grocery store, a bank, a post office and a farm (every city has a farm right?) Madison had the best time running around from place to place knowing she could touch and play with everything there. I think her favorite part was watching and interacting with the other kids though. She would run up to all the boys (yes she only talks to boys) and start babbling in her baby language. Usually they would just ignore her or walk away (thank goodness), but she loved it!

Since my kid is part fish, she was obsessed with the water. They had these giant tubs of water that kids could play in. There were squirt guns and fountains too, but Madison just wanted to keep putting her hands in the water!

I don't know what Madison would do without Alyssa's great influence....... Instead of letting Madison paint her picture (oh yeah- they had an art center there too) Alyssa felt she needed to teach her how to finger paint. Thanks Alyssa! But seriously- best place ever to take a child!